Mm00787d celtic meditation music
Mm00787d celtic meditation music
  1. An Raibh Tu Ag An gCarraig

From the album Celtic Meditation Music

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Featuring Eugene Friesen, cello


The Questions of Ethne Alba

Who is God
And where is God,
Of whom is God,
And where His dwelling?

Had He sons and daughters,
Gold and silver, this God of yours?

Is He ever-living?
Is He beautiful,
Was his son
Fostered by many?

Are His daughters
dear and beautiful
To the men of the world?

Is He in heaven
Or on the earth?
in the sea,
in the rivers,
n the mountains,
in the valleys?

Speak to us
Tidings of Him:
How will He be seen,
how is He loved,
how is He found?

Is it in youth
Or is it in old age
He is found?

Translated by James Carney